Why accessories are just as important in the overall look in your bathroom

When it comes to the final look, your accessories can massively help you achieve that smart and luxurious retreat that you desire.

When it comes to any bathroom renovation, it’s always exciting to receive an initial visual representation from your retailer to see how the final project will turn out.

With the main points already chosen such as your furniture or even a complete redesign, the natural next step is to finalise the choice of tiles, paint, wallpaper and even the smaller items such as a toothbrush holder and bathroom mats so your bathroom of dreams can become a reality.

However, when it comes to the final look, your accessories can massively help you achieve that smart and luxurious retreat that you desire. Gone are the days that the only option was the chrome choice for your whole bathroom. Now there are many colour options available that can create the complete ‘Instagram’ look and at an affordable price.

Here’s what you should consider when finalising your dream bathroom:

Taps and Shower Heads

Always a must when renovating your bathroom, your taps can essentially dress your basin or run of furniture and has the power to completely stand out and make a statement.

The same applies to the taps on your bath, bidet, flush or even the colour and style of your shower head. If you’ve already selected your colour palette, the choice of taps can take your design from wow to show-stopping!

But not only is the style important, but the functionality of your bathroom is extremely important too. For example, you don’t want to pick a tap that is hard to use for small children or too tall for them to reach in a family bathroom. Luckily, there are so many traditional or contemporary taps now available that you’re sure to find the right one to suit your style and function.

Our styling tip: When picking your taps, if you want to fully commit to something different such as a black effect tap or that brushed brass feel, your selection should be the same across the board. These options are completely statement-worthy and will look less desirable if you have a gold tap on your basin with a chrome set on the bath or shower. You could run of the risk of it looking miss-matched so be daring and we guarantee the overall look will pay off!


For those customers who have chosen either fitted or vanity furniture for their bathroom as opposed to just a standard pedestal basin and stand-alone WC, handles are extremely important when it comes to finalising the look of your furniture.

Just like taps, there are endless choices available in lots of colourways that will suit any design but it’s important to make sure that the final decision doesn’t clash with any of the other aspects. For example, if you’ve gone for a dark colour palette to be boosted with lighting and gold taps, copper handles will sit completely wrong and do the overall look a disservice.

Plus, the size can impact your look if has more rounded corners or an old-fashioned traditional feel, look at continuing that theme with rounded knobs and pulls.

Alternatively, if you prefer there are always options for handle-less doors with the push effect on your furniture to opt for the minimal style which allows you to focus the attention on other aspects of your bathroom.

Our styling tip: Size is key when it comes to selecting the right handles. For example, if you opt for a more lavish vanity unit from our Premium Collection that is larger than a standard vanity unit, smaller handles will be drowned out by the size and will not support the weight of the door whilst opening and closing.


In our opinion, everybody needs a mirror in their bathroom!

Not only are they beneficial for checking out your appearance, but there is also so much more when it comes down to choosing the best mirror for you.

Mirrors ultimately create the impression of more space and can open even the smallest of bathroom spaces. They also help enhance the style statement that you want to translate as there are now so many different options available such as modern, vintage or traditional.

Especially for those who are looking to renovate a home or building in a scenic area, if you place your mirror by a window, you can save yourself a small fortune as the mirror will no doubt reflect the scenery outside and therefore will save you on small bits of wall décor!

In addition, wall units with accompanying mirror doors are available that can also help with additional storage space for those small bathroom bits that you don’t want any children to get their hands on!

Our styling tip: Mirrors don’t have to be a small feature in your bathroom. Mirrors have the power to become the complete focal point in your bathroom and that doesn’t mean they have to be all-singing, all-dancing to achieve this. If your personal choice is a simple mirror or it doesn’t fit within your budget, the difference in enhancing your mirror with lighting can make all the difference.

Spot-lighting or drop-down lighting can draw the attention back to your mirror space and it makes all the difference when you want to ensure the best lighting to help you get ready!


A bathroom is usually the first room of the house we visit in the morning and the last one you visit at night, so you want to make sure that the lighting is suitable for every part of the day and can create a relaxing ambience.

If you’re creating a bathroom for a family that loves having relaxing baths or renovating a shared bathroom space in an office building, different lighting serves different purposes and it’s important to meet the needs of those that will be using it.

It doesn’t have to be limited to a standard lamp in the middle of the ceiling, you can now choose to enhance your bathroom with spot or LED strip lighting around your furniture or a feature lighting around your mirror to ensure you’re ready for the day!

Our styling tip: Lighting doesn’t just have to be functional and safe. For example, for those who love to wind down in a hot, bubbly bath in the evening, it’s important to set the mood with beautiful pendants or wall lamps with shades with warmer lights instead of harsh, bright ones that can hurt your eyes. You don’t want to house lots of fluorescent lights that will completely ruin the ambience of your relaxing space!

You can opt for drop-down lights over the bath, subtle dimmers to help adjust the main bathroom lighting to help suit the mood and use or even boast simple, vanity lights around the mirror to help you wash or groom better – the limits are endless!

The finer details

Don’t forget about the smaller details in your bathroom too!

This doesn’t have to be grand design alterations that will break your budget but even down to changing your current towels to a bold colour can elevate your bathroom into a premium finish.

More options can include floating shelving space that can be functional or utilise the space behind your door, your bathroom can become a clutter-free zone of paradise with even these small, simple tricks.

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