The Bathroom Debate: Tiles V Wallpaper

After you have gone through the process of choosing the right bathroom furniture, naturally, the next step is to decide on the decor. It’s up to you what personality you want to portray in your own bathroom space and that includes what you want on the walls. From tiles to wallpaper, there are endless options for you to choose from, but what will be the best for your bathroom?

We may be biased in saying so, but when it comes to designing your home, the ambience of your bathroom is one of the most important rooms to get right. Not just for your guests, but most importantly, for you! Coming home to relax with a soak or shower in a bathroom you can enjoy will boil down to the amount of personality you put into the décor. You don’t want to pick something that you quickly grow tired of, right?

One of the biggest choices that come with designing your bathroom is whether your new furniture would suit either a decorative tile or a statement-worthy wallpaper. But how do you decide what is right for you?

Functionality and design

Tiles have always been the typical option for bathroom walls as they are designed to protect your walls from water or other bathroom products. Plus, as a room that is destined to get wet, tiles are much easier to clean and dry without suffering long-lasting damage than other alternatives.

Functionality has always been at the heart of tiles which has limited the different types of styles you may want to use in your bathroom. However, now the choice of shapes, colours, patterns and sizes of tiles are endless which gives homeowners more options to play around and widen their range of decorative opportunities. Painting and wallpaper are no longer the only options to give your bathroom a little personality.


Although tiles may be a little bit more expensive compared to wallpaper, you can’t deny that tiles add a premium feel to your bathroom. They are incredibly high-quality and versatile and will maintain your bathroom to a high standard for years to come. They won’t need to be replaced every couple of years and over time, save you money.

What about wallpaper?

Showcase your personality

A few years ago, the idea of wallpaper in a bathroom was simply unheard of. In a room that is destined to be wet and suffer daily precipitation, wallpaper was not a contender to withstand the damp conditions that tiles could.

However, the options for a suitable wallpaper are greater than ever. Now with splash proof and wipeable options, wallpaper shouldn’t wither as quickly as it used to therefore it will be highly likely that you won’t have to replace it as often as you would expect. Plus, the wipeable options are also easy to clean and won’t show up any marks that could affect the ambience of your bathroom.

Can breathe new life into an outdated space

Redesigning your entire bathroom can be a costly project. Therefore, to help breathe new life into your bathroom, it may be easier at the beginning to just change the walls instead of the furniture. It’s low-cost and much more affordable to replace than tiles would be, therefore if you’re prone to change your mind about your home’s colour palette, wallpaper is the solution for you.

Our bathroom furniture is designed to work with any styling solution. If you’re interested in finding out more, why not request a sample of your favourite finish using our free sample service. Alternatively, speak to your nearest retailer to kickstart your new bathroom project today.