Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Small bathrooms are common in UK homes. Average room sizes have reduced in new-build homes to improve heating efficiency, and older Victorian homes were mostly modified to bring the bathroom in from the bottom of the garden. All this results in smaller bathrooms that don’t match the aspirational images we see in glossy brochures and interior design blogs. This article will now unpick some common design rhetoric to provide common-sense, practical tips on making the most of a small bathroom.


Colour Blending

Use a complimentary palette to redefine your space

Make a small room appear larger by blurring the boundaries between surfaces. Try matching your floor tiles to a fitted fascia colour and similar painted walls and ceiling. Our extensive range of neutral finishes are compatible with many popular tiles and current paint palettes. Brecon Super Matt White is an obvious choice to match to paint, and Chiltern Clay Grey goes well with a classic marble tile. Selter Pearl is excellent in small spaces due to it’s handle-less design.

Wall Hanging

Maximise visible floorspace

OK, so wall hanging your bathroom furniture won’t make your room any bigger. But it can create the illusion of space. Use a light floor tile and consider additional under unit mood lighting to brighten the floor and open up the footprint. All our carcasses come with high quality adjustable wall hanging brackets included as standard.

Bright Ideas

Keep it light & bright

Reflective surfaces, large bathroom mirrors and pale fascias will help to bounce around available light from windows and skylights. Gloss furniture finishes compliment polished cast basins and high chrome taps to stop your small bathroom feeling like a gloomy nook. We offer gloss finishes in every style of fascia and a large selection of illuminated and plain mirrors.

Under Tap Potential

Find the space you never use

In every bathroom there is unused space, known as dead zones. The volume of space under a pedestal basin or above a toilet cistern for example. Why not use that space? Slimline vanity units with storage beneath the basin are ideal for hiding cleaning products, or adding a tall wall double unit above a fitted WC Unit makes the most of a typically unused space.


Use compact fitted furniture to get the maximum storage space in the smallest bathroom. Vanity furniture can open up the floor space, and high gloss finishes brighten the room.

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