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Fitting a One Piece Basin

The Fontana basins are one-piece integrated basins that combine a worktop surface and generous basin to give a smooth, uninterrupted finish to a run of fitted bathroom furniture. The uniform geometry of the basin makes it ideal for minimalist interior design schemes, and the high gloss cast finish will offset a textured wall or tile perfectly. Add to this the ability to scribe and cut the basin to fit irregular walls and minimal connections and you have a versatile, easy-to-fit basin that is more cost effective than a separate composite worktop and cast basin.


The Fontana basin is made of a solid material comprised of natural mineral granules and polyester resin we call cast marble. This is further coated with a polyester acrylate enamel which gives it a smooth glossy and naturally anti-bacterial finish. These combined properties make the material very suitable for bathroom applications.


As an added benefit, the cast granular material can be cut to any required length using common woodworking hand or power tools. It is recommended that the basin is cut or scribed wall to wall. It is possible to repair small scratches using a combination of grit paper, rubbing compound and polish. These components are all included in our Calypstone Repair Kit (7470.04)…


Made from a single piece of cast marble material
The sleek and minimalist design offers clean, unbroken lines for a modern contemporary bathroom.


User friendly and adaptable
Fontana Cast Basins can be cut, scribed and polished to suit a variety of applications.


Minimal connections
The fully integrated overflow leaves only the tap and waste to connect, and the fascia cutting template will reduce fitting time.


We have prepared in-depth technical documents to support the Fontana basins, ideal for architects and fitters.

The basin and surface is quick and easy to maintain. Most kinds of stains such as light limescale or general dirt marks on the surface can simply be cleaned off using a warm damp cloth or non-abrasive sponge with a proprietary non-abrasive detergent.

Light surface scratches and persistent stains or small chips can be repaired by polishing the surface using the Calypstone Maintenance Kit (7470.03)…



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