Are you ready to say goodbye to your pedestal basin?

Like most things, bathroom furniture has evolved over the years and so has the demand of what families need in their homes. So, why is it time to make the switch?

The classic, ever-reliable pedestal basin.

A staple in homes since the early 20th century, pedestal basins were the original, fashionable bathroom fixture, and was the perfect solution for smaller bathrooms.

However, in the 1930s, the ‘Great Depression’ resulted in the housing market crashing and bigger houses became more affordable to the masses therefore so did bigger bathrooms. Bigger bathrooms meant more space for homeowners to play with and vanity units saw a rise in popularity due to the added family storage space.

But the pedestal basins remained a popular choice for cloakroom and en-suites. The space-saving, minimalistic option is a classic and still boasts a huge range of options that even now, are still a bathroom essential within the industry.

But why is it time to make the switch?

Like most things, bathroom furniture has evolved over the years and so has the demand of what families need in their homes. In addition, the interest in interior design has peaked from the driving force of social media and people are still choosing to spend more time home and realise they want to invest in their property rather than holidays due to the ongoing pandemic.

So, what are the benefits of vanity units?

Lots of storage options

Let’s start with the obvious benefit… extra storage!

We admit that a pedestal basin is a space saver in a smaller bathroom, but vanity units can function just as well in any sized bathroom and even host an area for all that unsightly clutter you don’t want on display.

Depending on your style, a vanity unit can either include doors with shelves or multiple drawer solutions to hide as many excess products as you require such as toiletries, cosmetics, spare toilet rolls and towels, just to name a few!

Wall-mounted or floor-standing

When choosing a vanity unit, there are endless options that you can choose from.

You can create an illusion of space with a wall-hung vanity unit or choose the classic, yet stylish free-standing. Either option is a great fit for any bathroom size, and you can now partner the same style with a matching WC unit to really up your interior decor.

Plus, with the wall-mounted option, there are no legs to interfere with a mop or hoover therefore cleaning has never been easier! Should you have an over-enthusiastic shower, or your bathroom is simply a wet room by design, all of those tough spots that you would find behind a pedestal basin will never be a problem again.

For an even more stylish finish, why not add some of our Calypso LED lighting underneath the vanity unit to help elevate your bright, modern space?

Chosen to suit you

With a standard pedestal basin, the height of the basin is something that can’t be changed. Sadly, this can be a problem for those, for example, when creating a child’s bathroom and the desired height is for shorter people and they must resort to standing on tiptoes to reach.

With a wall-hung vanity unit, the basin and unit itself can be fixed to a height that suits your needs and can be changed again later if necessary, at a limited cost.

Efficient use of valuable space

If can be a common misconception that vanity units are too wide to fit in a small cloakroom or en-suite but in our Calypso ranges, you can have a wide variety of different sizes or even slimline alternatives.

This can be a great advantage if space is at a premium and there are a bigger variety of designs to choose from to cater for your needs.

An interior dream

Should it be just a furniture change or a whole bathroom revamp, vanity units are a great answer to boost that sleek interior appeal.

From different widths to various finishes and ranges, there is no doubt you will be able to find the best range to suit your style. For example, our Calypso vanity ranges include a wide range of styles from traditional to modern and even boasts a two-tiered design of vanity unit should that be your preferred style.

Our bathroom furniture is designed to work with any styling solution. If you’re interested in finding out more, why not request a sample of your favourite finish using our free sample service.

Alternatively, speak to your nearest retailer to kickstart your new bathroom project today.