4 Day Cupboard to Cloakroom Conversion

A 4 day under-stairs cupboard to cloakroom using Calypso Bathroom Furniture conversion illustrating steps taken. Being a small room it was imperative to use light-coloured decor and furniture to make the room feel bigger, also using accented lights would help enlarge the room. Sometimes, building an extension for an extra bathroom really isn’t an option and you have to work with what you have. This is a build where a customer has managed to install some fitted furniture into a downstairs cloakroom.


A downstairs Cloakroom in 4 days.

Work brief: A completed downstairs cloakroom conversion using Calypso Fitted Bathroom Furniture.

Time frame: To complete this project was over a long 4 day bank holiday weekend.

Project Outline: Move a stud wall 600mm to create a bigger floor area and fit a new door. Re-arrange plumbing and other pipework. Fit Calypso’s Fitted Furniture in the available space. Plus new lighting, flooring, heating and painting.

Moving on up the property ladder was an exciting prospect. Having fully renovated their first house our clients weren’t afraid of getting stuck into new projects and finally settled on a fairly run down three-bedroom Victorian semi-detached house.

          “We knew the house needed renovation in order to create a home for our growing family”

Starting with the kitchen, then the bedrooms, living rooms and finally completing the upstairs bathroom with bathroom furniture, the house was renovated. However there was always a small issue: “We felt only having one bathroom wasn’t enough and wanted the upstairs area to be our private area. When guests came round they had to go upstairs to use the bathroom, not really ideal for privacy”!


To Start:

The first thing was to decide where to locate a downstairs cloakroom. Having read lots of articles on small bathrooms they agreed on the most logical place, under the stairs. However, the area was currently being used as a shoe cupboard and was too small, so it would mean pinching space from the kitchen. Researching, they found most of the small bathroom blogs/posts really didn’t say much about conversion, alteration or what Bathroom Furniture to use. They tended only to state the obvious while showing websites images which were either too cramped, too dark or didn’t include fitted furniture.

 A CAD program was used to create the required floor plan and provide a visual image of the finished project. It also indicated accurately the sizes required to make the project work.

“A CAD render is the best way to see our vision”

Complete size required internally was 1700mm x 900mm under-stairs with sloping ceiling behind the toilet.


The Build:

Luckily most of the critical requirements for a cloakroom were already close to hand. Hot and cold water feeds were well located, the soil pipe was the other side of the external wall, saving time and money by not having to have any major building or plumbing work done. A previously blocked up window could now be reopened to get some natural light into a small room.

Being a small room it was imperative to use light-coloured decor and furniture to make the room feel bigger. Using accented lights would also help enlarge the room.

Choosing Chiltern Clay Grey from the Calypso Bathroom Furniture range ticked all the boxes. This was in keeping with the traditional feel which the house had been completed in so far. Slimline units at 218mm deep were a must in such a tight space.

Halfway through and you can see the shape. After plaster-boarding the outside of the walls, the furniture was placed in position to plan first fix plumbing and re-arrange the boiler pipework.

A Faro 500 LED mirror was chosen for its subtle lighting, fitting perfectly above the basin and in the small area available. It’s LEDs easily produce enough light for the cloakroom, and running costs are so low it can be left on to act as a hallway light. With a few small trinkets added to inject the homely feel, our clients are more than happy with our Calypso fitted furniture being a perfect fit in such a small space.


Here we have it as the project outlined: A completed downstairs cloakroom conversion using Calypso Fitted Bathroom Furniture.

“Calypso Tip” before you start:

Referring to ‘Part M’ of the building regulations through the online planning portal will help immensely. This will keep you in line with current legislations and also provide you with extra knowledge. Your local building control departments are generally approachable and friendly. They are happy to give general guidance over the telephone or by email to ensure you are keeping within the guidelines. They may also outline the requirements of disabled access, drainage, ventilation and the ‘two door’ rule.

Get a CAD render done this will really help with the visual design. Plus it will automatically produce accurate measurements to help the build to go smoothly.

Get quotes on everything and keep them to hand. To avoid costs running away with you, stick to the original plan!

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